Direct Contracting Services

Mountfield provides a specialist service in the installation of Data Centres for the IT Industry. In addition the division offers fitting-out services for the Office, Leisure and Retail Sectors.

  • Data Centres
  • IT Centres
  • Refurbishment
  • Interior Fitting Out
  • Dilapidations

Thanks to its resources, precision targeting and dedicated management teams, Mountfield has acquired exceptional skills in the installation of data centres where it provides on site set-ups with minimal notice through to delivery of complex high tech installations time and time again.

The resources that have made Mountfield so successful in this specialist fi eld stem from a highly effective combination of features that it applies to each project:

  • Immediate access to reliable labour in its own employ.
  • Accounts held with trusted material and equipment suppliers.
  • Trusted specialist subcontractors on call for rapid job start-up and timely, high-quality installation.
  • Ready-made teams led by managers with the years of experience that only come with repeat orders and uninterrupted dedication to the job and client satisfaction.
  • Design teams offering trusted and proven concepts.

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